London Venue New Cross

His career redefined the meaning of superstardom. He had 4 number one hits before the age of 11, his dancing seemed to defy the laws of physics, he closed the gap between black and white artists, his music video pioneering set new records and raised the bar of this art form, his song writing spoke out to politics, racism and worldwide unity and above all he was the king of the stage worldwide... He was the ultimate music legend.

James Baker Productions presents a whole new dimension in live concert experience, the moves, the music, the man, an electrifying musical production celebrating the music of The Jackson Five & The King of Pop, Michael Jackson. Featuring an incredible live band, dancers, stunning costumes and the worlds number one Jackson soundalike, this is a must see for fans of music and the gloved one alike. Bringing elements from Jackson's own stage shows and even performing songs never performed by MJ. This show brings an original and exciting sense of class to it’s genre, using some of the greatest music ever made to tell one of the best loved, life stories in music history. Tonight sit back and brace yourself for… MICHAEL


The Venue New Crosss, SE14 6 London, United Kingdom

    Tickets for 23. September 2017

  • Sat

London Venue New Cross

This event in London was published by BEN - The Ultimate Michael Jackson Tribute Show.

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