G4B F.C.

    31. December 2019

  • Tue

Give 4 B.E.T.H. is starting it's own football club., G4B FC.

The aim is to get football lovers to join and to build up a large squad of players to ensure we can always fulfil field enough for a game.

The sign up fee (TBC) will cover the purchase of each individuals kit along with their chosen name and number on the back., which will be theirs to keep.

We will then approach different businesses, clubs, pubs and sports teams and get them involved in raising money for charity by challenging them to a game of football. All proceeds will go to Give 4 B.E.T.H. and helping young local children and their families to fulfil life-changing dreams.

We know that players can't always commit to every game which is why we want to get lots of people involved.

Live the dream and play for G4B FC.

More details to follow soon.

Venue and address

Give 4 BETH, 16 Wakefield Way, PO21 3RS Bognor Regis, United Kingdom

G4B F.C.

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